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Golden Goose Farm Golden Retrievers

Golden Goose Farm Golden Retrievers LLC, owned and operated by Amy Connor and Gerry Hoagland is located in the beautiful countryside of Springfield Twp NJ.  We have been afforded over the years the knowledge and ability to show, breed and raise beautiful Golden Retrievers.

Always having a particular passion for dogs, I began in Shelties in the mid 1980’s, I was a member of The Shetland Sheepdog Club of Northern New Jersey, played around in obedience and finished a number of conformation Champions over the next 14 years. Some life changes and the need for a non shedding breed I got involved with the Havanese. I had much success in the Havanese and finished again, a number of Champions. Both breeds taught me so much and opened many doors for me.

In the early 2000’s I moved back to New Jersey from Pennsylvania and I began working for Gold-Rush Goldens. I stayed with the Havanese for a very wonderful 14 or so years while also working for Ann and learning all about the Golden Retriever.

My mentor and friend Ann Johnson taught me more than I could ever imagine, she was an amazing person with such a kind and giving nature. Eighteen years with Gold-Rush was a fabulous opportunity to learn so much about this breed and afforded me many new friendships with many of the breed’s finest people. I continue to learn more every day and offer our new families any information I can gather. Our focus is to breed beautiful, healthy Golden Retrievers with that fabulous temperament that makes them the wonderful, sweet family companions we all know and love. Here at Golden Goose we take great pride in breeding our Goldens. This includes trainability, lovely dispositions, genetic clearances, and beautiful type. We go above and beyond in the care of our dogs and puppies. I have personally raised your puppy from birth until it is handed to you. We love these dogs and are always here to lend guidance and support for as long as needed.

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